Crimping Machine折边机

Cylindrical _ R&D
Model : TB215-CC14-340

Crimping Machine

Functional Feature

1. Machine Overview

This equipment is used to fill the chosen amount of Electrolyte into the Cell through the open side of 2 side sealed Pouch.

2. Production Goods


Cell Size for 18650, 26650 & 21700
(Target 18650)
Capacity 1EA/60 Sec
Driving system Servo or  hydraulic
Loading & Unloading Manual
Accuracy ±0.2
Crimping Head 3-Head
1st Crimping
2nd Crimping
3rd Pressing
Crimping Speed Adjustable
Stroke Adjustable
Dimension (W x L x H) 1,200(W)*800(L)*1,800(H)

Loading(Manual) → Head Down → Crimping → Unloading