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Vacuum Sealing Machine

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Model : TB176-CM15

Vacuum Sealing Machine

Functional Feature


– Vacuum sealing after the electrolyte filling.
– Final vacuum Sealing after the degassing (Jig change)

Production Goods

Details – 1. Sealing Bar

Details– 2. Cell Pocket

Details – 3. Vacuum Pump

Cell Size Target #3450 (Max. #5060)
Capacity (PPM) 1
Sealing Temperature Max. 220℃
Sealing Bar Material Aluminum
Chamber Up & Down Air Cylinder
Heater Pin Heater
Vacuum 700mmHg
Vacuum Step 1 Step
Time Control 0.1 Sec. Adjust
Control Touch Panel
Dimension (W x L x H) 590 x 450 x 565 [3kW]

Cell Loading(Manual) → Chamber Down → Vacuum On → Vacuum Sealing
Vacuum Vent → Chamber Up → Cell Unloading(Manual)