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Mass Line

Polymer EV Battery

Mass Line - Polymer EV Battery


Degassing is performed in the degassing chamber after putting the tray loaded with the cell. After that, final sealing, cutting, testing and unloading the OK cell. There are one side cell dedicated line and both side cell dedicated line.
UNIT : Loading, Degassing1, Degassing 2, Final Sealing, Unloading

  • One side cell dedicated line & Both side cell dedicated line
  • 2 Degassing units are simultaneously proceed
    ( for speed, Unload 4Cells each)
  • Degassing unit : Turn Table type
  • There is loadcell in a final sealing unit
  • MES system : cell tracking possible
Production Speed 10 ~ 15 PPM
Cell Size (mm) Length 100 ~ 200
Width 120 ~ 250
Height 3 ~ 12
Capacity 20 ~ 50 Ah
Option Siemens PLC, CE Mark, UL Mark