2-Side Sealing Machine

Pouch R&D Line
Model : TB177-CM14

2-Side Sealing Machine

Functional Feature


This equipment is for sealing the tab and side with the heat at the same time.


  • Adjustable the sealing temperature and time
  • Type adjustable range : Min #3450 Max #5060
  • Type exchange method : Jigs change

Production Goods

Details || 1. JIG

Details || 2. Sealing Bar

Cell Size Target #3450 (Max. #5060)
Capacity (PPM) 2
Heating Temperature Max. 220℃
Sealing Pressure Control Air Regulator & Stopper
Sealing Pressure 40 ~ 200Kgf
Cell Loading Manual
Cell Unloading Manual
Control Touch Panel
Dimension (W x L x H) 400 x 450 x 650 [1.5kW]

Cell Loading(Manual) → Start Button → Shuttle In → 2-Side Sealing
Shuttle Out → Cell Unloading(Manual)