Semi-auto Winding M/C

Cylindrical _ R&D
Model : TB215-CJ11-340

Semi-auto Winding M/C

Functional Feature

1. Machine Overview

The machine for automatically winding the cathode, anode, separator and then cutting and taping, automatic discharge to conveyor.

2. Production Goods


Cell Size for 18650, 26650 & 21700
(Target 18650)
Capacity (Winding+Unloading) 1EA/30 Sec(Except Loading)
Electrode Size Width 30~80mm
Length 400~1500mm
Thickness 90~200㎛
Loading to Cathode, Anode Manual
Lead Tab Lead tab should be welded to the electrodes.
Separator Unwinding Servo Motor
Winding Servo Motor
Core Mandrel Ø2.5~5
Tension control Automatic Tension by Vacuum
Attach Tape Automatic
Separator Supply Roll (Ø200~250)
Control PLC – Mitsubishi
Touch – Proface
Dimension (W x L x H) 2,500(W)x1,500(L)x1,700(H)

Electrode Loading(Manual) → Separator Spool → Start Button(Foot Switch)
Winding → Cutting(Auto) → Taping(Auto) → Cell Unloading(Auto)