Point Welding Mchine

Cylindrical _ R&D
Model : TB197-CW15-340

Point Welding Mchine

Functional Feature

1. Machine Overview

The machine for welding the anode lead to bottom of can, and welding the cathode lead to vent cap assembly separately by using resistance welder.

2. Production Goods


Cell Size for 18650, 26650 & 21700
(Target 18650)
Capacity (PPM) 1EA/10 Sec(Except Loading)
Welding Mode 1.Can Bottom + (-) Lead Tab Welding
2.(+) Lead + Cap Assy Welding
Loading & Unloading Manual
Mode #2 Supply Can which have finished beading
Winding Head Point tracker 2set
Welding Tip 0 ~20mm(Micrometer)
Max Current Less than 1500 Amps
Pressing Force 1 ~ 5 Kgf
Safety Device EMR S/W, Area Sensor, Safety Cover
Control PLC – Mitsubishi
Touch – Proface
Dimension (W x L x H) 1,000(W)x800(L)*x800(H)

Electrodes mounted (Manual) → Start Button → Welding → Unloading